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Under the Sea
Part of your world
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13th-Nov-2013 12:13 am - o n l y f r i e n d s
Hello buddies, this is my LJ, I like make some stuff in PS; so I will post some of
em here, hope you like it and comment ;)
I'm gonna add you if you want, just ask for it :)

Add me if you think we got some things in common, or if you want know me.
Love.. Nancy x 

17th-Nov-2010 08:53 pm - Harry Potter
Harry Potter
10 years ago I met the most amazing magical-story that I've never seen before,
that story was written by a great British writer who left me away of this world,
in a totally and wonderful one, where I met how useful magic can be.
I grew up in a world where my classes were Herbology, Potions -my fave one-,
Astronomy, Flying and Care of Magical Creatures.

I read the aventures of a ordinary guy who in his 11th birthday realized he's not
'normal' at all. He's a wizard. He goes to his new world and everything changed.

He met his best friends in his new school... "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry".

Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley showed me how important 'friendships' are,
and what a real and true friends are.

Those guys showed me how to be strong although all the whole world is falling down.
They showed me how to fight for something which make us stronger.

They never gave up although all the possibilities were gone.

Of course nothing is perfect and mad people are always fighting.

And I have to admit how much I support the dark side -lol-

Anyways... now everything is running, and it's time to say : SEE YA!
to the best memories.

Thank you for all those amazing characters,
I can say all their names but I won't cause they're always going to be in my heart, no matter what.

Thank you Draco Malfoy you're always going to be my favorite character
Thank you Lucius, Ron, Severus, Luna, Hermione & of course Fred and George Weasley for
made me laugh so hard when I read your words.

And thank you J.K. Rowling for made me dream for 10 years in Harry Potter's world...

I will always remember you ...

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